Infected with coronavirus Stavropol Duma Deputy showed

Infected with coronavirus Stavropol Duma Deputy Mikhail Kuzmin has made a comic video clip with overlaid “pregnant” belly.

“it Seems to me serious the virus is. And it develops. Try not to allow the penetration of the virus in your body,” — said Kuzmin on video. However, residents of Stavropol, which ranks 5th in the number of deaths COVID-positive patients, the video is not amused, and angered, writes “Blocknet-Stavropol”.

The video appeared a lot of negative comments. Then Kuzmin has deleted the video and decided to close his Instagarm account, noting that commentary, “probably right.” “Not the time to joke”, — he wrote.

Then Kuzmin was removed and this post the account is still open, but new posts there.

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