Irkutsk has about 50 workers infected with coronavirus escaped from quarantine on the scene

In Irkutsk 90 builders that have been in contact with sick with coronavirus in the dormitory, escaped from the quarantine to work. Tests more than half of them were positive COVID-19. Now have to figure out how many people, workers could infect on the way to the construction site.

As reported by acting Governor of Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev, the outbreak of coronavirus was identified in a hostel in the village of Markova. There were 291 people, and all began to take the tests, but 90 people, not waiting for the results, he went to work at the construction site in the district of Novo-Lenine. Left found on the same day. It turned out that more than half of them are sick.

Now there are searches of people who had contact with the runaway out of the Dorm. This may include bus drivers, taxi drivers, store clerks.

Kobzev did not specify what the Contracting company hired people in contact with the sick coronavirus infection. The head of the region reminded that for the distribution and deliberate infection coronavirus infection provides up to criminal responsibility.

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