The case is not compacted decidedly not. Invited on the set of C , on France 5, on Monday evening, on the occasion of the promotion of her new show Am 10 years old , Kev Adams and his guests are back on the case of plagiarism that involves Gad Elmaleh. And comedian 27-year-old has renewed his support to his friend and mentor.

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“I have already responded more than any other comedian on it. I answered in all the newspapers of France… of Course, the plagiarism that is unacceptable and I do not accept that and it is out of the question to defend it, loose Kev Adams. However yeah, it is necessary to defend Gad… I have the impression that Gad is part of our national heritage, and me, I would defend always.”

Then, Kev Adams is the justification of support for his eldest, for whom he feels a special affection. “It has given me the desire to do this business, it has given me the desire to go on stage. This is the first show that my grandfather takes me to see when I nine and a half years. There is something very sentimental, but also because I’ve seen this guy work on a daily basis!”, enumerates the one who plays Aladdin in the cinema. “We went on tour together for two years, and I have not seen a guy based on internet, which takes of the sketches (to the others)… This is not true! I saw someone who works like crazy, up late, who wakes up in the morning before all the world, that goes down in the evening after all the world and if he is the number one after twenty-five years this is not for nothing,” he concludes.

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at the End of January, a Youtubeur named CopyComic, which is considered to be the “avenger of humour”, has devoted a whole video to Gad Elmaleh who he accuses of plagiarism many comedians americans and canadians. After be defended as it could in involving its lawyers, and in a video under the features of Darling, one of its iconic characters, the actor has not really convinced of his innocence.

It will be on 12 April in a new series Netflix, Huge in France , in which he plays his own role at the time of his arrival in the United States. Remains to be seen whether there will be or not question of plagiarism…