Ivan Demidov: Moscow coped with the pandemic coronavirus better than many of the capitals

Moscow is better than other capitals of the world coped with the pandemic coronavirus infection. This opinion was expressed in his Telegram-the Director of the Park “Zaryadye” Ivan Demidov.

“I am proud of Muscovites. No prohibitions would, I think, did not work, if we weren’t responsible people. Because Moscow was this “plague” is better than many capitals of the world. Don’t even count how many lives saved, how many have prevented tragedies,” — said Demidov.

However, he said, to escape from the isolation to the mind, not to get, “as with hepatitis, for example: the month was treated, went out, drank vodka, is dead.” It is necessary to protect yourself and loved ones.

we will Remind, since June 1, mode restrictions imposed in Moscow for impeding the distribution of COVID-19, is weakened. Open parks, allowed long walks for citizens of all ages. However, while it is necessary to walk through the schedule and use personal protective equipment.

Stories about how you tried to get help from the Russian state in terms of coronaries and what came of it, email it to COVID-19@rosbalt.ru