The death of celebrities is not a long quiet river. James Brown would not have died of natural causes, reveals a long investigation of the CNN published this Tuesday. According to official records, the star died December 25, 2006, at the age of 73 after a heart attack. His widow Tomy Rae, his son, Daryl Brown, his former manager and several friends of the family, thirteen people in all, require that an autopsy be performed on his body.

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“there are legitimate questions about the death of James Brown that can only be solved by an autopsy and a police investigation”, stated the journalist Thomas Lake, who is conducting the investigation since 2017 ; the date on which he was contacted by Jacqueline Hollander, an old writing lyrics and close to James Brown. Thomas Lake has had access to the records and documents compiled by it and has interviewed over a hundred people.

“Given his state of health, I would never have believed that he was going to die of a heart attack,” explains Marvin Crawford, the doctor who looked after James Brown at this time, to the hospital in Atlanta. “But he died that night, and I asked myself the question: what happened in this room?, he continues. The end was too abrupt.”

The musician Andre White, one of the best friends of James Brown, said that a nurse showed him a residue of drug in the one of the probes. According to this witness, the star soul would be dead of a drug overdose, natural or criminal. Hearing of his death, Andre White had expressed strong suspicions, ranging up to collect a tube of blood from the singer for the analysis ; tube it is always said to possess.

Marvin Crawford and Andre White are part of those who wish the body to undergo an autopsy. The doctor had already made the request to his death, but Yamma Brown, the daughter of the deceased, had refused. In 2014, the same assumption has been defended by Daryl Brown, the son of the singer, in a biography dedicated to his father: the crime would be the fact a member of the inner circle of the star.

The alleged rape of Jacqueline Hollander

Jacqueline Hollander, a former collaborator of James Brown, who was contacted by CNN claims to have been raped, in 1988, by the musician. According to his testimony, James Brown was forced to undress in the back of a van and then sexually abused her over several hours. After the alleged rape, Jacqueline Hollander did not lodge a complaint, fearing retaliation ; she has even continued to sing with James Brown. Seven people have been confirmed with CNN that the young woman was monitored closely by the men of James Brown for several years for not divulging this affair.

Jacqueline Hollander is continuing his revelations. Adrienne Brown, the third wife of James Brown would be dead, murdered. His death, in 1996, was officially caused by an overdose of anti-inflammatory drugs after an operation of aesthetic surgery. At the time, police looked closely at the death. The journalist was awarded the book an informant. In it, he defends the thesis of a murder committed by a doctor. The prosecution has been disproved by the man in question, who was interviewed by the CNN.

Of domestic violence in series

James Brown had the reputation of being a violent husband. In 1988, he was arrested for assaulting Adrienne “with the intent to kill”. According to the words of the young woman, he hit her with a pipe before her shoot when she fled in the car. Jacqueline Hollander explains that Adrienne Brown has dropped the charges in order to avoid the vengeance of her husband.

In 2004, Tomy Rae, the fourth wife of the singer is left with injuries, cuts on right hip. James Brown pleads guilty to domestic violence and pay a fine of a little over 1000 dollars, to him avoiding prison.

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In an autobiography entitled cold Sweat , Yamma Brown, the daughter of James Brown had with his first wife, delivers a testimony that abounds in this sense. After the arguments, “Deanna [his sister] and me, we were wondering if our mother was alive or dead”, she wrote. While Yamma Brown was opposed to the death of his father, accepting that an autopsy be performed now?