The Joker, the “most pathetic ever seen on the screen”, “who made tonnes”, to “performance not terrible”… Jared Leto did not dream big world with his interpretation of the supervilain psychopath in the universe of DC Comics in Suicid Squad . “We would have been able to stop”, wrote Le Figaro , who believes that the film is a “failure monumental”. These criticisms are obviously not fallen on deaf ears. According to the american magazine Forbes , Jared Leto should stop wearing the make-up of the Joker.

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According to the american media Variety and The Hollywood Reporter , Warner Bros have contemplated a spin-off of the character embodied by the actor from Requiem for a dream and a film that focused on her love for Harley Quinn. These two projects should not ultimately see the light of day according to the magazine Forbes .

The Joker: Joaquin Phoenix, still valid

The Joker will still be its own film, in the margins of the universe of Suicid Squad and other films DC Comics. The film, directed by Todd Phillips ( Very Bad Trip ) recounts the origins of the clown criminal of Gotham City in the 1980s. Played by Joaquim Phoenix, the psychopath is presented as a comedian missed and frustration with the name of Arthur Fleck, who will become more malicious. The actor of A Beautiful Day , winner at Cannes in 2017, has lost fifteen pounds to play this role. A video of the shooting shows him walking, a cigarette in his mouth, against the current of police officers in a hurry, in a corridor of a station in Brooklyn. Produced by Martin Scorsese, The Joker due out on October 9, 2019.

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Suicid Squad will retry his luck

In parallel with this independent production, Warner Bros. has announced a reboot of Suicid Squad, which is scheduled for August 2021. After the failure of the first part of David Ayer, the new version will be performed this time by James Gunn. He should go in a “new direction” with new characters after The Hollywood Reporter . According to Forbes only the character of Harley Quinn would be retained by the director of Guardians of the Galaxy . If Margot Robbie will take the role of the lover of the Joker in a spin-off that is dedicated to him, Birds of Prey , scheduled for February 2020, there is nothing to say that she will play again in the film of James Gunn.

Batman loses Ben Affleck

Warner Bros also announced that Ben Affleck there will be no Batman in the new film from Matt Reeves. No headliner has yet been announced, but we know a little bit more on the synopsis. According to the director of Planet of The apes: Supremacy , the story will revolve around young Bruce Wayne and will be more focused around the next detective Batman than what we have seen so far,” he confided. After the failure of Suicid Squad , the branch DC Warner struggles to revive his machine to super-hero who fails to compete with the productions Marvel. The next film in the universe, Shazam!, will be released in France on 3 April.