He received an academy award and a performance award at Cannes, and is demanded the world over. But the actor Javier Bardem regret not to receive more proposals for films in Spain, he confided on the sidelines of the Festival of Spanish cinema of Nantes. Soon, he will be one of the key characters to the inevitable saga of science-fiction, Dune that the director Denis Villeneuve is preparing to adapt on the big screen.

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“I’m working less in Spain than I would like. I don’t get projects, because people always think that I live abroad, or that I pay stratospheric, which is not the reality”, said in an interview with the AFP, the Spanish actor during this festival, which pays tribute to him, and where he presents several of his films up until Wednesday. “If it’s a film where there is money, I will try what they pay me, and if not we will find another formula,” added the actor, who lives in the suburbs of Madrid with his wife, the actress Penelope Cruz, and their two children. “I adapt,” says the one that has just celebrated its fifty years. Today, it also plays well in the movies author of europe than in hollywood blockbusters, like Pirates of the Caribbean: the revenge of Salazar in 2017.

Mysterious leader of the desert

the One who started his career in Spain in the 90’s, with directors fernando trueba and Pedro Almodovar, is currently in the american film Dune of Denis Villeneuve, the second adaptation of the highly anticipated novel of the same name by Frank Herbert after that of David Lynch. “I remember the day I saw it in 1984, I believe, and it was weird! And I loved it! It was giant and weird, and these worms of the sands!” shared-he in February in an interview conducted by CinemaBlend . The work of science fiction takes place mostly on the planet Arrakis, nicknamed Dune because of its landscape of sand. Javier Bardem will play Stilgar, the chief of a tribe of Fremen, these mysterious characters elusive of the desert. Mysterious character, he will come to aid the hero, Paul Atréides, played by the young prince of Hollywood, Timothée Chalamet.

during a press conference in Nantes, the actor announced not to be able to say only what the leaves say. “This is to say nothing at all” he joked, reports First . Bardem is also entrusted on this new ambitious project: “I just finished re-reading the second book yesterday. I really thought it was extraordinary. It speaks of things that are still quite current, while it has been written in the early 60s.” It welcomes precisely the social and ecological issues raised in Dune . “The novel makes us question about the social classes and what might happen to us if we do not take care of our Earth. All of this, we are going to pay in a future not so far away. The book is a very intelligent and ambitious.”

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After nearly 30 years of career and not far off from 50 movies, Javier Bardem does not intend, however, to turn to the realization, as some of the actors. “Play is an act of faith and enormous generosity. It offers his work for that, then someone else takes it over and the handles, and not always for the best. I understand that an actor can say ‘now, I want to set the scene and transform my work'”, he acknowledges. As an adaptation of books by Frank Herbert, known to be near-impossible, he is categorical: “If a developer could adapt it, it is Denis Villeneuve. I am more than happy to do so. But I’ve already talked too much, they will fire me!”