It is known in the world, but it is simplicity itself. A lot of artists and singers of operatic or varieties, actors and actresses, but also of lawyers, or professors, come to see the doctor Jean Abitbol. It is, however, far from being the only cross that of the stars in the cabinet of this man’s elegant and affable who masters the secrets of the voice.

the most striking of his patients, all witness to it, it’s the speed and the safety of its diagnostics. A true great physician, concerned for the other. An enthusiast who, over the years, has been able to impose its reputation for excellence well beyond the borders of France. Savant exceptional and honest man who does not think his knowledge in the sharing, Jean Abitbol also gives many lectures and writes books. After the Odyssey of the voice , twelve years ago, and then the Power of the voice in 2016, it has published the woman’s Voice (Editions Odile Jacob), book both technical and …

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