The daughter of the translator of Woman has a fall that could have cost him his life. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, Margaux Lahaye, sleeping with one of her friends woke up at 4.30 in the morning to go to the toilet. She would then have confused the door of the TOILET with a bay window overlooking the street. The 34 year old woman fell two floors. This accident resulted in multiple contusions and fractures (a-basin and one at the elbow). The physicians who have supported him have given up a hip dislocate.

“It was absolutely not nude as this is written, but with clothes from that night,”

Jean Luc Lahaye on Facbook

More fear of evil so. But the treatment of this accident by Closer has quite hit the singer and his family. The magazine Closer who was the first to relay this story (the article of our colleagues has been visibly removed), stated, ” the eldest daughter of the singer was found “naked and disoriented”. This is false according to Jean-Luc Lahaye, which is split by a press release posted on Facebook in which he says that he wants to restore the truth.

“She was definitely not nude as this is written, but with night wear”, he says. Before adding: “The bathroom door is a kind of door-sliding glass, resembling strangely a bay window. Margaux in his sleep is the wrong door, and advanced on the actual bay window giving on a balcony, in the state, was not in possession of the garde-fou […]. It is miraculous that this is not as serious as one might think.”.

The young woman is currently “supported and rests in a hospital with the best care.” “His condition will require re-education”, concludes the press release.