In Galettes de Pont-Aven , he became a salesman of umbrellas, rabelaisian, an admirer of Gauguin and fantastically obsessed with the beauty of women. In 1975, Joël Séria entrusted to the talent of Jean-Pierre Marielle, the care to compose this character, which will remain the most cultissimes of his career.

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The Cinémathèque française has not erred in allocating to the director of Galettes , in 2018, a refreshing retrospective. The filmmaker has indeed immortalized four times the most colorful of the actors. Each title of these films tells a little of their fantasy in common: Charlie and his two chicks and the famous Galettes de Pont-Aven , Mary-Doll and finally As the Moon where Jean-Pierre Marielle plays masterfully, once again, a big “con” exception.

“Galettes de Pont-Aven” on the Rue des Archives/©Rue des Archives/Collection CSF

What is it that makes nearly a half-century after its release on the screen, these delicious crepes, sweet or savory have lost none of their flavour. Art replicas drunken and the way of the voice of Jean-Pierre Marielle, without ever wallowing in the vulgarity, there are obviously to many.

68 reconciled with the genius of Rabelais and Rubens

Here, the “whore of brothel of shit of” Henri Serin, lovers raving about the splendor of the buttocks of the lovely Jeanne Goupil, take looks gauguinesques. Because, and this is where all the salt of the story, our vendor pébroques shimmer finds its inspiration in falling in crazy love. With this unclassifiable body of work, Séria and her hero réconciliaient in some way the spirit libertarian may ‘ 68 with the genius of Rubens.

The filmmaker and the actor have dreamed several times to give a suite to the adventures erotic-philosophical Henri Serin, a first time in 2005 at the cinema and then in 2015 in the theater. A title had even been suggested that Full Moon over Pont-Aven . This beautiful idea will be long lasting, despite the intervention of a friend, always, Jean-Paul Belmondo. Marielle was reluctant because he did not want to shred his character. Today, with her passing, we now know that “the cakes will go to paradise”…

In tribute to the talents of Jean-Marielle, Le Figaro presents, below images, the three excerpts of the scenes are among the most cultissimes of Galettes de Pont-Aven.

Galettes de Pont-Aven Joël Séria, in 1975, with Jean-Pierre Marielle, Bernard Fresson, Jeanne Goupil, Andréa Ferréol, Claude Piéplu, Dolores Mac Donough, Roman Bottle, Dominique Lavanant…