Rarely bouquet of flowers will have generated as much controversy. It must be said that it is particularly bulky: up to 12 m high, 8 m wide, 10 m deep. What make the vase overflow. In January 2016, upset by the attacks that struck Paris two months earlier, the Us ambassador to France, Jane Hartley, wants, a showy gesture, mark, the deep links between the two countries. What artist would be the best way to illustrate this friendship rooted in the history? Solicited, Emmanuelle and Jerome de Noirmont did not have a name in mind, that of their protégé, Jeff Koons.

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the gallery owners, they were the representatives for fifteen years and were the source of his exposure hectic at Versailles in 2008. Contacted, the star of the contemporary art world accepts without hesitation, and proposes to offer the City of Paris a work …

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