This is a new episode, one more, in the episodes, Gad Elmaleh versus CopyComic. Guest of the show Daily on TMC this Thursday, the comedian Jérémy Ferrari has responded to the case involving his brother and the YouTube channel CopyComic. After the request of a French judge, Gad Elmaleh has obtained the right from Facebook to have personal information (name, phone number, email address, IP addresses) on the owner of the chain that accuses, images to support, of multiple plagiarism.

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“What do you think of Facebook, which was delivered at the request of the justice of the identity of CopyComic?”, ask him the columnist of Daily Azzeddine Ahmed-Chaouch. Jérémy Ferrari believes in a first time that the case has taken too great a magnitude. “To me, the approach of CopyComic personally, it made me laugh (…). After that, it is not dramatic. People don’t care a bit to know that the comedians have copied.”

“You attack the guy justice, it is even worse. Suddenly, we only talk about it. They’re still going to find other texts that it has pumped…”

Jeremy Ferrari

To the poster of the festival of humor african CFA, Jérémy Ferrari does not lack for support these revelations of plagiarism: “We as comedians that we break off a little ass to write new stuff, between us, it is true suddenly we said: “Ah, it’s still cool that it will be rock”. But, honestly, for me, it’s a non-event. I think that Gad would not have had to sue because if you get caught, shut up, say “sorry, ok, I would do it more”, that’s all. You attack the guy justice, it is even worse. Suddenly, we only talk about it. They’re still going to find other texts that it has pumped…”

to Each his camp

Since the beginning of the case, Kev Adams continues to support Gad Elmaleh. Invited on the set of C , Monday, march 25, the comedian of 27 years says take advantage for his elder while pointing out that it does cautionnait not the principle of copying the work of other artists. “Of course, the plagiarism that is unacceptable and it is out of the question to defend it. By against defend Gad, yeah… I have the impression that Gad is part of our national heritage”,-he said.

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More than two months after the accusations of plagiarism by the Youtubeur CopyComic in two video montages uplifting, Gad Elmaleh, currently on the boards in the room The Invitation of Hadrian Raccah, had taken a first time the word on the matter, using his character of Darling in a short video.

On April 9, micro d’ Europe 1 , he explained more seriously. In pointing out the lack of knowledge of the work of a comedian on the part of internet users. “They don’t know how it works,” he said. On 20 February, his lawyers have asked Twitter for the withdrawal of videos of the mysterious “Ben” as well as the identity and the contact details of the videographer. In vain. It was obviously easier from the side of Facebook…