This is without doubt one of the largest outputs rap of the new school year. A year after Ye , his eighth studio album, Kanye West will unveil his new album, Jesus is King . A few active networks, the friend of Donald Trump has left the care of his famous wife to announce the news.

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Thursday, August 29, Kim Kardashian, an emblematic figure of the reality television american, has published a photo very suggestive on Twitter. There was a whole page of notebook paper on which appears similar to a tracklist of the album. “Jesus is King” written at the top and slightly apart from the other names, is the name of the album.

in the light of The twelve tracks, the album should be centered on God and religion, themes that are dear to the rapper:

1 . Glade
2. Garden
3 . Seleh
4. God Is
5. Baptized
6. Sierra Canyon
7. Hands on
8. Wake the Dead
9. Water
10. Through the Valley
11. Sunday
12. Sweet Jesus

Finally, it is written “September 27th” – the 27th of September, so – all in the bottom of the page, which seems to match the release date of the album.

Of the masses in the Kardashian

A surprise to fans, as Kanye himself announced that his forthcoming album is called Yandhi . However, Jesus is King more consistent with the new image that has created the man they call “Yeezy”, a pious man, or even a preacher. Since January, the rapper organizes at his home in Los Angeles of “Sunday Services”, the Sunday concerts. The artist appears clad in white, in the middle of guests sorted on the shutter like Diplo, Kid Cudi, Orlando Bloom, or even DMX.

Thought of as the offices in the church, these small gigs, a mixture of times a gospel of his own songs such as I Wonder or Jesus Walk . Surrounded by a group of musicians and singers, Kanye is throne like the conductor of an orchestra. The last distinguished guest to date: Brad Pitt. The actor is currently at the poster of the latest film of Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time… in Hollywoo d.

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