This is a spy novel that should not go unnoticed… The master british of the genre, John Le Carré has brushed in his latest work, the portrait of the Prime minister Boris Johnson’s “pig ignorant” and called the Brexit of “madness”, according to excerpts published Saturday in the daily newspaper The Guardian .

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held in 2018 and called Agent Running in the Field , the novel tells the story of Nat, a agent of 47 years of the MI5, the intelligence service of the british, in doubt about the future of their country and who reveals to her daughter her choice of career. At that time, Boris Johnson is still minister of foreign Affairs, a position he finally left in July 2018, in a sign of protest against the policy of the First minister Theresa May on the Brexit, to finally take his chair a year later.

Madness “Brexit”

Describes a Britain in “free fall”, Nat is the inventory of reasons that led him to doubt the absence of democratic power in his country. “A firm minority of Tories (the conservative party) of the tenth plan. A pig ignorant as the minister of foreign Affairs, that I am supposed to serve. The Labour party (the labour party) is not better. Sheer madness this Brexit,” said Nat to his daughter.

The novel will be available in Great Britain on 17 October, two weeks before the planned departure of the United Kingdom of the european Union. Became Prime minister in July, Boris Johnson wants out of the EU on 31 October, with or without a divorce agreement.

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John Le Carré is a writer europhile of international stature. He has participated, in the same way as dozens of other novelists, a call to support the european Union in the european elections of last may, won in Great Britain by the party of the Brexit of the europhobe Nigel Farage.