Diego free in his head, the first title Johnny, new album posthumous the Taulier, was unveiled yesterday . The concept of the disc is simply to get back a classic rocker with new symphonic arrangements and the voice of Johnny sensed in different concerts. This technique has been used for this new version of the song signed Michel Berger.

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When Johnny Hallyday, the interpreter for the first time in 1990, he is accompanied on stage by an orchestra. Yvan Cassar, the composer who worked on the album posthumously, has “recovered” the voice of three of these concerts to create this new version tells RTL. If the fans could ask the question of the need to get out yet another version of the big hits of the singer, this extract of Diego is enough to understand the reasons behind Yvan Cassar, the man with the initiative of the project. The arrangement symphony of the title gives the song an epic feel that mixes beautifully with the powerful voice of Johnny while retaining the deeper meaning of the lyrics of Michel Berger. This excerpt gives in any case very, very excited to hear the remix made on securities are more powerful yet as I love you or Desire .

Diego free in his head is a song written by Michel Berger originally planned for France Gall in 1981. Finally the composer will interpret itself in 1983 before Johnny takes it over to his lap and shake concert halls with his recovery.

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The entire disk will be available on October 25. There will be twelve titles, including I love you, The Desire, to Live for the better and many other that will delight the fans.