As a judge, request in writing and state the reasons for its decision, the communication of judgment to the public Prosecutor of the Republic is outstanding. This has just happened to David Michel, the producer of the Idol of the Young , a show tribute in order to celebrate the two years of the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday and waited at the Casino de Paris this winter. In the judgment of six pages of the April 23, that purchased the Figaro , Hubert Ruff, president of the commercial chamber of the Tribunal de grande instance of Metz, regrets that no further criminal has yet been brought against David Michel. During oral arguments in which The Figaro had attended the march 12, 2019, the name of David Michel had been cited no less than fifteen times and in terms little flattering.

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The Prosecutor of the Republic can now take office for the producer is prohibited from managing and/or that the receivership is extended to his personal property. For the one who is actively preparing The Idol of the Young , it is a hard blow. For Laeticia Hallyday and Sebastien Farran, manager of Johnny Hallyday, who publicly oppose to this show, the new troubles of David Michel, are good news.

A judgment previously unpublished

In the microcosm of the musical and, more broadly, in the performing arts, the judgment of the court of Metz will be a date. In addition to the potential troubles in the criminal David Michel, the fifty musicians, dancers, sound technicians have won their cases. They had never been paid for the tour in 2017 of his previous show Hit Parade where Dalida and Claude Francis were resurrected through their holograms. They are finally going to be collecting their salaries.

The court sentenced the liquidator of the production company of the show to pay to the complainants their salaries and lawyers ‘ fees. The exact amount will be known in the coming weeks. This will not be David Michel, who will pay its former employees, but the State with the money of the taxpayer because his production company had been in bankruptcy. The court has not been fooled. It’s one of the reasons why, the folder of the producer has been transmitted to the public prosecutor.

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“The liquidator was dismissed of all its claims and the justice had validated all of our arguments: the employees were in good faith, their contracts were valid and there was no fraud on their part”, welcomes Master Sandra Renda, who defends with tenacity 48 of 50 employees. This lawyer, based in Chartres, france will continue the legal battle before this time the Conseil de Prud’hommes de Metz, where it intends to obtain, in addition to wages, for substantial damages for the harm suffered. Finally, Hubert Ruff, president of the commercial Chamber of the Tribunal de Grande instance, Metz has been criticized by the liquidator, the SCP Noel Nodee Lanzetta to be the wrong target by attacking the employees in justice, instead of continuing with the producer of Hit Parade .

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