Journalist Dmitry Gubin spoke about the evolution of ownership

“the house concert” in the press center “Rosbalta” journalist Dmitry Gubin told how over time society has changed such a thing as a property.

“Property is the item distribution system in the era of scarce goods. Many do not know, but the feudal state based not on ownership, but on power and religion. And the property itself legitimised by them. The first control ownership with a long historical time was God, and the other troops,” — said Gubin.

the Property, according to the journalist, it becomes “sacred” legal institution only as a result of the victory over force and religion as a mechanism for the distribution of the deficit, but still is not the ideal distribution mechanism.

In our country, according to experts, there is still no ownership in the sense as it exists in Europe.

“Russia has never had a shortage of land, there was a shortage of workers. Therefore, the subject property in our country are people. Hence the growing roots of serfdom,” said Gubin.

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