A huge fresh you picked from the threshold of the Gallery, RX (IIIe arrondissement), already often instead of the candid encounters of art, photographer south Korean Bae Bien-U-the weaver of metal ghanaian El Anatsui, the viennese actionist artist Hermann Nitsch at the truqueur space, Georges Rousse. Julio Villani, the brazilian artist of Paris, transformed the space into a universe of joyful rebus, signs are irrelevant as lights forever red, colors such as assourdies of sun and winks full of malice and erudition. There are years of games and gai know in his the line . A hanging playful and light, two things that are highly rare in the art world that focuses more often on the dystopia and the glut.

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Man frail, and charming that devours a big smile, Julio Villani the “Paulista” is a Parisian long-standing, installed in a workshop in the form of Ali Baba’s cave near Bercy since 1982. His compatriot, collector and patron Sandra Hegedus (ex-Mulliez), has guided a large number of new followers.

His dinner of opening has attracted a small circle of enthusiasts a refined. The “so British”, by Amin Jaffer, curator-in-chief of the collection Al-Thani, which will deploy in the rear of the hotel of the Navy, to Edward Lumley, the son of the paleoanthropologist to the valley of Wonders Henry de Lumley. The director of cultural development and of the public to the Centre des monuments nationaux welcomes the exhibit, with Jean de Loisy, at the abbey of the Thoronet, in the Var, from may to October.

Duchamp, Cannibal and dadaism

It is between Brazil, where he was born (at Marilia in 1956) and Paris, where he lives with his wife B├ętina Zalcberg Villani, Julio Villani has wrought in Harlequin his identity as an artist. Above her head, courteous and wise, the influences of Duchamp ( Portrait of Marcel D. , 2012, wood, rope, metal rod) and of the Oulipo, Calder ( Toupie or not Toupie , 2012/2019) and Torres-Garcia, the modernist movement in brazilian Cannibal, and of the journal of the fine flower of dada, Cannibal .

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A soft mixture of irony and tenderness sweep this legacy of references where the object is found, it creates, by his discovery and its association incongruous, tributes wildly poetic ( Portrait , 2016, with its salad bowl turned upside down as a bowler, or Smile , 2014, smiley face drawn at the bottom of a simple dish to cook). Cornell to Farnese, from Schwitters to Baldessari, robert Rauschenberg and Spoeri, there were many ways to find art in found objects, underline its exegetes, the Brazilian Fernando Cocchiarale, or the French Philippe Piguet. Julio Villani brings this humour and this spirit player related to the child ( Beef Tarsila , 2018). His website is in his own image, beautiful, light, playful, informative, but really, if you insist.

Gallery RX 16, rue des quatre-Fils (Iii). Tel.: 01 71 19 47 58. Opening hours: of the mar. the sam., of 11 h to 13 h and from 14 h to 19 h. until , April 25. cat. : “Julio Villani 1+1+1”, Somogy Art Publishers, Paris, 2016.