July 3 — Elenin day: what not to do to the girls in Russia

Holiday Olenin (Elenin) day, which is celebrated on June 3, associated with important events for the believers.

the name of the holiday comes from the apostles Emperor Constantine, who founded Constantinople, and his mother Empress Helen. King has encouraged and supported the Church, calling Christianity the religion of the future. It was from Constantinople Christianity came to Russia. His mother Helen played a major role in the spread of Christianity and the preservation of relics associated with the earthly life of Jesus Christ. On her initiative in Jerusalem were excavated, in which was discovered the Holy Sepulchre, the true Cross and other relics, Helena erected the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The exploits of faith of Constantine and Helena received the title of equal to the apostles.

In this day in Russia began to sow flax and cucumbers, completed sowing of late varieties of wheat.

Girls in Olenin day braided braids all day — it was considered necessary to the hair beauties, and flax in the field to grow long, strong and not confused. On this day it was impossible to weave wreaths and pick herbs, and the girls were strictly forbidden to walk on the water, so the water was not enticed.

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