In the eye of the storm since the charges of CopyComic, the comedian can at least count on the support of his friend Kev Adams. In an interview given to La Libre Belgique , the actor is back on the case. If he says to understand the will of the creator of videos to address the plagiarism, he refuses to give up the one who inspired so many. “I have a deep respect for Gad Elmaleh, it is the person who gave me the desire to go on stage,” he says. This is not because there is a video that accuses that I’m going to turn your back. Out of the question.”

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a Few days after the revelations of CopyComic and despite the avalanche of criticism against it, Gad Elmaleh was awarded a Crystal Globe at Paris for the whole of his career. The president of the ceremony of the arts of television had then explained that it “may make mistakes”. Sandra Rudich, producer of the Globes de Cristal was added to have “the belief” that Gad Elmaleh is “a great artist”. A position that is shared by Kev Adams, for whom these allegations of plagiarism may not call into question “his career, we’re not going to lie, has inspired all the new generations. Me, included.”

“to return to CopyComic, it is very much what this guy did”, does it. In a country where the plagiarism is much less maligned than in the United States or in Qu├ębec, the actor admits to having been a witness to robberies in the mid humorous. It includes as well the intentions of the one who calls himself Ben: “he is tired that people then copy it to the tip of the finger”. Kev Adams is not afraid of being targeted by the videographer, but he denies his process to make him “cold in the back”. Little chance that he ends up in the same turmoil that his friend and mentor, the comedian insists on the fact that he writes himself the entirety of his texts. “Some do find me funny, but one thing is for sure: I do that with my guts!”

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Gad Elmaleh as an example, Kev Adams does not, however, begin a career in the United States like him. “My priority is public speaking” he says. After the failure of Alad’2 on the other side of the Atlantic, the student seems to have surpassed the teacher in the learning of its errors.