Jon’s (Snow) to John (Donovan), a letter gap of symbolic fitting Kit Harington in a new era. The heroine of Game of Thrones is the star guardian of the first film in English by quebec director Xavier Dolan, My life with John F. Donovan . Bolting along in the dining room this Wednesday, this story crossed sometimes pop, sometimes romantic, touching, blue flower and too talkative, chronicle the relationship of correspondence, in the years 2000, between a star of an american series for teens and a student of English named Rupert (Jacob Tremblay already prodigious in Room ).

With this actor cornered by a glory sudden, while he hides his homosexuality, Kit Harington slices through the armor and unleashes her emotions. The interpreter for the final defense of Westeros against the Walkers white turns back to the warriors, gloomy, stoic and tormented that threaten his young filmography – Game of Thrones to Pompeii through Memories of youth . And he didn’t have to look very far, as he told the Figaro at the end of February during his visit to Paris.

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“John is not my alter ego. But for the camper, I took a step back and analyzed all aspects of my life as a young actor in a soap opera in vogue, which could be useful for this role”

“John Donovan is a lost soul who does not even know who he is. It needs to project an image that matches its reputation as a idol. Be a darling, I know very well what it represents. The similarities between John and me, really touched.” Any resemblance cannot be coincidental. Quite the contrary! In the first installment of Xavier Dolan, John F. Donovan was already a huge movie star to Jennifer Lawrence or Robert Pattinson. “And then, he was close to what I am, namely a young actor who has known a phenomenal success in playing a certain role in a tv series,” recalls the British 32-year-old. Before nuance: “John is not my alter ego. But for the camper, I took a step back and analyzed all aspects of my life as a young actor in a soap opera in vogue, which could be useful for this role. There are also a lot of Xavier Dolan in him!” .

Mothers in conflict, fascination for the cinema, impossible love…

In the ringlet close, Kit Harington appears in Dolan as he is in the saga of HBO. A mise en abyme, which did not escape the party: “ My life with John F. Donovan was fun to do in the middle of the filming of Game of Thrones. The tale of ego and hubris speaks to me, as to spend his time, isolated in hotel rooms”. In the middle of the themes dear to Dolan (parent, conflicting, and fascination for the cinema, impossible love), My life with John F. Donovan evokes the awareness and identity. “He speaks of the difficulty of being yourself in a world of pretenses,” summed up Xavier Dolan. The sentence could apply to the film itself.

a Big production budget of more than $ 35 million, bringing together around Kit Harington, Susan Sarandon (in the role of the mother of John F. Donovan) and Natalie Portman (mother of Rupert Turner), My life with John F. Donovan has experienced a creation difficult. Expected at Cannes, he eventually required two years of mounting to receive a reception frigid at the international film Festival in Toronto last September. Characters whole, like that of Jessica Chastain in journalist people dreadful, have been cut to condense the plot. For the moment, only the cinemas French distribute My life with John F. Donovan. in Spite of this genesis painful, Kit Harington is grateful: “With Xavier Dolan, I learned a lot about how to play the game. Xavier began as an actor and he showed me how to convey emotion which is very personal to the camera”.