Kristina Asmus: On the isolation became less swearing

the Famous actress Christina Asmus in conversation with writer Alexander by Tsypkin that during the quarantine, to communicate with celebrities and publishes these interviews in Instagram, spoke about how she’s going through a regime of self-isolation.

According to the actress, her family during this time moved into a new house. Previously there was a repair, and Asmus with her husband Garik Kharlamov and daughter rented a house nearby.

“a Simple, four storey, near ruble. There is no Elevator. The wooden staircase. I think the house I earned? Our family budget is distributed as follows — all that earns Garik, General. Everything I earn, is mine.”

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May 29, 2020 at 10:40 am PDT

According to Asmus, despite the fact that many families in the period of forced isolation experience conflict and even reach to divorce, their relationship with Kharlamov has not changed. The couple do not see each other as often as it takes each in different rooms, for example, carried out the shooting.

“So we have a little overlap. Seen only at night by the refrigerator,” said Asmus.

“And I on the isolation became less likely to swear. Because usually the mother. Even Garik Garik, who did a lot of swearing! — did I comments. With him trying to hold back. When children do not swear”, — said the actress.

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