Kuznetsova: In Russia decreased fertility rate

In Russia the birth rate per 1 thousand of population has dropped from 11.5 in 2017 to 10.1 in 2019. Figures were cited by Commissioner for children’s rights in the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova at the conference dedicated to the International children’s day.

according to RIA “Novosti”, it said that I’ll talk about some negative trends and the first of them is the decline in the birth rate. Also over the past year increased the number of children whose parents have limited parental rights — about 19 thousand While the number of cancelled decisions about the transfer of the child to the care of a family for the last three years increased by 10.5%, she added.

Also, over the last three years increased by 6.4% the number of children with disabilities, and 4.2 per cent in morbidity from mental disorders.

Another negative trend — growth of 8.6% in the number of crimes against children.

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