It was a joy to discover the new show of Kyan Khojandi. The disappointment was at the height of our expectations. The creator, with Bruno It says Navo, who makes his first evening part of the series Short , is resting on its laurels. It promises to be, yet a good evening. This has been the case in 2016, with Impulses , a stand-up, where the boy of iranian origin reviewed the small things of his life with generosity.

today, at 36 years of age -it never stops repeating, it seems to have done the trick of the question. Just a story around a nightclub with a friend who hosted him in Paris and his beautiful roommate. It never ends.

“You want to know the result?”, queries Kyan Khojandi. It holds the answer: “No.”

The room she is at the peak of the joy. The followers of the famous series of Canal+ have grown up with the comedian (it is probably too old). The comedian takes the tone and rhythm of Short who have contributed to its success, but cannot help crying out, too, and all his words not coming clearly to our ears. The form does not compensate for the bottom, muddy.

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as was his habit, always assisted by Navo for the writing of texts, Kyan Khojandi slips a few aphorisms of his own. “The key is to be happy in his own existence”, “to grow old is to lose loved ones and continue to live anyway”… But we don’t have the time to be touched, he is drowning in a rant totally devoted to his penis. His digressions are below the belt. It is believed and not even funny.

After the reminder, the sequence in which they reviews his adventure in accelerated mixing video and comedy is clever, but doesn’t ignore the urge to flee. At the exit, the fans rush to do a selfie or have an autograph of his book, Impulses a performance graph illustrated (beautifully) by Boulet (Albin Michel, 15,90€). Previously, their idol has not failed to be photographed in order to enrich his account Instagram. In short, go your way.

good evening , until 29 June at The European 75017 Paris, Tel.: 01 44 51 93 26