To see

Last love , a historical drama of Benoît Jacquot, 1h38

It is expected Casanova libertine, here is Casanova in love. In Last Love , Benoît Jacquot, chooses a curious episode of the memoirs of the illustrious seducer, which shows him in a more sentimental than usual. In 1763, he arrived in England and met Marianne Charpillon (Stacy Martin), a young trollop brilliant flanked by two maquerelles, his mother and his aunt. She will wallow to light the flammable Casanova never allow him to satisfy his desire. Instead of going to the following, the deceiver persists in wanting that which it resists. Vincent Lindon wanted this role and Benoît Jacquot has done well to give it to him. It is a Casanova very Actors Studio , that speaks through all his behaviour, his gait slow, almost pensive, his massive body lightened by gestures and attitudes policés, his face dark and expressive, which combines strangely impassive and mobility of moods.

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M , a documentary of Yolande Zauberman, 1h46

Menachem Lang is a 35 year old man, full of rage and tears, at once exuberant and fragile. Yolande Zauberman the filming of return to his natal town of Bnei Brak, Tel-Aviv, capital of the world of ultra-orthodox jews. He left it fifteen years earlier, cutting the bridges with the community and its parents. He has denounced the israeli television of the abuse he suffered when he was a child. It has been violated by adults, married men, fathers of families. A scandal. Menahem returns to the scene of the crime in ways that are both illegal (at night mostly) and face to face. M is a film of denunciation and reconciliation. A blow to a community to better the save.

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M trailer VO

breath , documentary Cécile Besnault and Ivan Marchika, 2h

One enters the benedictine monastery of Jouques, Provence, and sister Bénédicte, the day where she pronounced her perpetual vows. The doors of the fence are closing in on the young religious, and the camera settles in the middle of the community. The documentary Cécile Besnault and Ivan Marchika, Breath , breathing the regular rhythm of the monastic life. The directors have agreed to cross two different looks. Someone animated by faith who wanted to make testimony “to the strength, the joy is deep and serene” that arose from these women and that of a non-believer, “someone to say what it sees” and summarizes-t-it, and stick there. Beautiful intuition.

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The Flor – Part 2 romance of Mariano Llinàs, 3h10

The movie-monster continues with a story of espionage in which the filming took six years. The four actresses in the beginning are there. Two agents are supposed to pretend to be a couple, but they fall in love for good. Paf. The argentine director and gives heart to joy. The cinema is his playground. We play with him. Strongly the rest.

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The Flor – Part 2
La Flor trailer VF

Resistant s, a documentary of Fatima Sissani, 1h16

Éveline Safir Lavalette, Zoulikha Bekaddour, Alice Cherki: three women tell the story of the Algerian colonial, their commitment to the side of the FLN, the underground, the prison, the torture and the taste of freedom. A testimony is very strong.

Comprame a Gun , a drama of Julio Hernandez Cordon, 1: 24

A father and daughter trying to survive in a Mexico barely futuristic, where the drug traffickers are the law and the women are put in a cage. Impressive and challenging.

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Wild , a romantic drama of Dennis Berry, 1h32

Nora (Nadia Tereszkiewicz) and Lea (Catarina Wallenstein) meet in a Portuguese house on the quay of a port. The art, the passion, the sense of the absolute and of the perdition of the closer together and the face, in this poem, sapphic charm ivy, the beautiful lights of emerald and turquoise.

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The Man who surprised everyone , a drama of Natalya Merkulova and Aleksey Chupov, 1h44

The man who has surprised everyone, it is Egor (Evgueniy Tsyganov), a forest ranger and proud taiseux of the siberian taiga. Sentenced to the short term by a malignant tumor, he says nothing to his young wife (Natalya Kudryashova), who is expecting their second child. When she discovers the tragedy, she fights to save him, then he surrenders to the inevitable. After doctors helpless, she takes him to see a shaman. The film Natalya Merkulova and Aleksey Chupov is at once a great love story, a virulent criticism of the intolerance and a mystical fable about despair and salvation.

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The body wild , a drama of Cheyenne Carron, 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The Body wild begins in a chapel by the beautiful and strange two clasped hands, one of which is gloved in leather. The big young blonde woman in prayer carries a bow and a quiver of arrows. It is called Diane (Nina Klinkhamer), and the huntress today, in the forest of Brocéliande, has left the world of city dwellers to seek a more authentic life in nature. Around the theme of hunting, which she explores all of the components, the filmmaker continues on his quest of the deeper values of existence, the beauty, the generosity, inscribed in the deepest part of ourselves, transmitted by those who live on it.

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To avoid

Us , a thriller horror Jordan Peele, 1h56

A black family on an american holiday faces his double. After the good surprise Get Out , Jordan Peele disappoint with this horror film more silly than terrifying.

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Sunset , a drama of Laszlo Nemes, 2h21

In 1913, Irisz (Juli Jakab) returns to Budapest. She came out of the orphanage and would like to work in the shop of his parents, died in a fire. The heroine, we follow the trail (ah, the neck, you can’t see it!), plunges into this pot of witches that was the austro-Hungarian Empire. Of black conspiracy to foment in buildings in remote areas restricted to men. This Irisz has dangerous associates. The director seems fascinated by his interpreter. It is the only one. Don’t expect to understand something.

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Who loves me follow me! , a comedy of José Alcala, 1h30

Alert to the z series. One wonders if Daniel Auteuil, Catherine Frot and Bernard Le Coq had a clear mind when they read the script of Who loves me follow me! . How to explain otherwise what they went to do in this galley? Gilbert, the owner of a garage, he dreamed up his small business – not at all credible Daniel Auteuil that one comes to admire, on the stage in Le Malade imaginaire – but he ends up retired and broke. It ignores, one wonders how, as his best friend and neighbor, Stephen (Bernard Le Coq sporting long hair, a vestige sixty-huitard) the wrong éhontément with his wife Simone (Catherine Frot). The characters are puppets, the actors do not believe in it. We.