LE FIGARO. You are now giving concerts in churches and cathedrals of France. Why?

Laurent VOULZY. – I’ve always been attracted to the history of France, especially the Middle Ages. At 19 years old, I passionnais for the cathedrals. I love the mysterious side of irrational things, it is a bit of a spiritual quest. For the tour of the album Lys & Love, I had played in the basilica of Saint-Denis, to Saint-Eustache and in Westminster, London. I recall very much from those moments. In march 2018, it was proposed to me to replay in churches and cathedrals. And even if I’m busy writing a musical around Joan of Arc, I am extremely happy to find these moods.

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How does a concert in a place of worship?

The churches and cathedrals are places charged, and not neutral as a Zenith, where you can sing everything. In these places, hundreds of thousands of people are come to seek the hope, to celebrate births or deaths, or simply pray. It was necessary that my directory is in harmony. I am not liturgical music but some of my songs go with my dreams of history and spirituality, that this is behind , The Bay of the ants , Jeanne , The Power of flowers or even Belle-Île-en-Mer . The other constraint is that these are not places made to pop and that it is necessary to arrange the songs so that they are enjoyable, using the acoustics of the place and the reverberations are sometimes long, up to several seconds.

What is the training appropriate to this tour?

We are three in total. The Franco-American Naomi Greene is the harp, the guitar and singing, she has a very beautiful voice. Michel Amsellem is on the keyboards, and can go in the symphony. I am guitar acoustic, electric or Midi, and vocals. This can be ample, as the most intimate.

What personal relationship do you have with these cathedrals?

Everywhere I go, I visit the cathedrals. I love the silence and the recollection of these special places. What are Ufos in our cities and villages. It is out of time. Some of them date from the Twelfth, Thirteenth or Fourteenth centuries. Saint-Sulpice is more recent, it was built under the reign of Louis XIV. I am very interested in the statues and stained-glass windows. I like to visit on your own, in the framework of private visits. I feel I’ve reset the clock to the hour. I would like to have the certainties of revelation. I practice meditation every day.

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music is for you a sacred dimension?

In my music, I try to lift myself, to make me take off. The ones that I love make me this effect. Bach, of course, but composers such as Brian Wilson has a spiritual dimension. Some of the titles rhythm carry me also. My quest is to get to forget space and time. This is the public going to the show: escape to the time.

Church of Saint-Pierre-de-Chaillot,
31, avenue Marceau, 16th arrondissement of Paris

Church of Saint-Sulpice
2, rue Palatine, 6th arrondissement of Paris.

Dates: on march 21 and 22, at 20: 30.
Seating: of 39 and 42 €.