The youtubeur Cyprian does not doubt it for a second. He explains that he was harassed by four members of the “League of the LOL”, an informal collective that has been raging on social networks from 2009 to 2012. The thirty people who were gathered together in a private group on Facebook at the time, is now accused of having made life a hell for several co-workers or users of social networks.

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In response to the testimony of the ad and blogger Matthias Jambon-Puillet, Cyprian says in turn have been the victim of the collective. He explains, “very familiar names mentioned”. “To me, they have also been targeted in their league of sociopaths,” says the artist of 29 years.

Asked by the site Numérama, Cyprian said to have been the target of four members of the “League of LOL”, the advertising Renaud Loubert-Aledo, which is working with Publicis Consultants since 2011. “I was getting comments on my blog demeaning, insults, threats, “I hope that he will commit suicide”, told the videographer. The Youtube star would have received these messages until 2014.

arriving in Paris in 2008, Cyprian began to animate a chronic weekly video on the site 20 Minutes . He there made the acquaintance of Vincent Glad, one of the creators of the “League of the LOL,” currently at the heart of the scandal. With Numérama, he describes it as a “character who liked to throw a lot of spades”.

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The confession of Cyprian has triggered a wave of indignation on the part of some users, who resented his hypocrisy. A screen capture of one of his tweets dating back to 2009 has resurfaced. The youtubeur tells the story of “the joke of the office” of his former colleague at 20 Minutes : “go on the computer of a friend and her book or”

The sanctions taken by the members of the “League of the LOL”

Many sanctions have been taken to the members revealed the “League of the LOL”. Some have been laid off as Vincent Glad, the head of the web service Release Alexander Hervaud or the journalist of the online media Usbek & Rica, Guillaume Said. The producers of the podcast New Eavesdropping announced that they had terminated their collaboration with the podcaster culinary Guilhem Malissen. The editor-in-chief of the webzine The Perfect Tag Stephen des Aulnois has left his position.