Since the release in the United States of the documentary shock of HBO, dedicated to the two men who have been sexually abused by Michael Jackson when they were children, the reputation of the former king of pop never ceases to tarnish. While the actor Macaulay Culkin has always said that his relationship with the singer was perfectly innocent, this is an old testimony dating back to 2005 of the actor Mom, I missed the plane, to the surface again and shares similarities with some words of one of the two plaintiffs, James Safechuck.

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Revealed to the public in 1990, Macaulay Culkin is invited to participate in the clip Black or White Michael Jackson the following year, he is 11 years old. This meeting was born a friendship between the planetary star and the young actor. In 2005, his testimony contributes to exonerate the singer in the face of accusations of paedophilia, which the aim. Found by The Sun , about Culkin’s time to take on a whole new meaning since the release of Leaving Neverland , and of the testimony of James Safechuck.

In this story, the actor also asserted that the singer had placed a strange security system to gain access to her room. To enter you had to borrow a kind of a bridge and when someone was approaching the room, a ‘Ding Dong”

In the HBO documentary at the centre of recent controversy (documentary that will be released on 21 march on M6) James Safechuck is accusing Michael Jackson of him have not only purchased an engagement ring and to have exchanged vows with him, as a child, but also of having sexually abused him for several years. During a sequence of shock, the man now over the age of forty years, describes the system that would have developed the singer to never be caught. The same as that described by Macaulay Culkin. “We took a blanket and unfolded it on the floor in the closet, like that, we could close the door,” he says. And there were bells, you could hear them go off to warn us when someone came to get Michael Jackson.”

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“If the legend surrounding Michael Jackson is being destroyed by all of this, the only person responsible is Michael Jackson himself — nobody else.”

Rudi Dolezal, a former collaborator of Michael Jackson

Asked by Page Six , the film director Rudi Dolezal, who had started of several years of collaboration with Michael Jackson while filming her concert in Munich in 1992 in the framework of his tour of Dangerous , said to believe the testimonies of James Safechuck and Wade Robson. A new position directly related to the revelations of Leaving Neverland , which he describes as “brilliant work”.

In addition to qualify now the artist of “predator”, he said, understand why the two men had initially denied having been abused by the american idol. “No one would have stopped Michael, he admits. It is difficult to believe that an icon is in fact a con artist.”

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after another report of Page Six , the three children, Bambi, Prince, Paris and Michael Jr. Jackson, would be ready to mobilise in order to bring a complaint against James Safechuck and Wade Robson, for “fraud, emotional loss, defamation, and representation incorrect facts”. At the beginning of the month of January, the beneficiaries reported about Leaving Neverland : “This is still a work extravagant, an attempt outrageous and pathetic to exploit and take advantage of Michael Jackson.” It seems that they have decided to take a little more seriously this documentary, which is causing a real shock wave through the world.

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