After the controversy, the apology. While the documentary Leaving Neverland continues to make a great noise, Barbra Streisand had attracted the ire of the internet after you have attempted to justify the allegations of sexual abuse of Michael Jackson. It was finally on its way, that have generated a lot of excitement and which have forced the singer to apologize publicly.

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“I am deeply sorry for the pain and misunderstanding that I caused by not selecting my words more carefully, she wrote. I didn’t want to deny the trauma experienced by these two boys. Like all victims of sexual assault, they will have to carry this weight all of their lives. It also provides feelings of “deep remorse” and states that it “respects and admires the victims for telling their truth.”


In an interview with the Times magazine, Barbra Streisand has spoken on the controversy around the documentary Leaving Neverland , in which two men claim to have been victims of sexual abuse by Michael Jackson when they were children. The singer says first believe “absolutely” the testimony of Wade Robson and James Safechuck. “It is a mixture of feelings, I feel bad for them, for him (Michael Jackson), I think it is the fault of parents who let their children sleep with him. Why would he need to have with him these little kids dressed like him, with the same shoes, the same hats, dancing like him?”.

“today, they are both married and have children, so it has not killed.”

Barbra Streisand

It then seems to justify and minimize the actions that would have committed the interpreter of Thriller . “It was very nice, very childish,” she commented. “His sexual needs were what they were, whether because of his childhood or of his DNA”. She adds: “You can use the term sexual assault, but these children, as they say in the documentary, were delighted to be with him. Today they are both married and have children, so it has not killed.”

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A statement that inflames the canvas, and unworthy Dan Reed the director of the documentary Leaving Neverland that was quick to react. On his Twitter account, he published “It did not kill them. Barbra Streisand, did you really say that?”.

In a second tweet, he repeats the words of the singer “Her sexual needs were his sexual needs”. Pedophilia is tolerated in the entertainment industry?