In three tweets, Mike Smallcombe has thrown the disorder on the credibility of the documentary Leaving Neverland . The journalist and biographer of Michael Jackson has revealed on the social network an inconsistency in the testimony of one of the alleged victims of the star. In the film, directed by Dan Reed, James Safechuck says he has been sexually abused by the singer between 1988 and 1992. It states in particular that on one occasion, it would have happened in the station of the small private train that the singer was set up within the property. However, according to the documents revealed by the biographer, the train station was built in 1993 and formally ended in 1994. An inconsistency that producer Dan Reed has himself recognized on Twitter.

Dan Reed, however, continued to defend the truthfulness of his documentary through many of the messages on Twitter. He says that “James was present at Neverlandavant and after the construction of the station” and that it “has been very clear on the fact that he was abused by Jackson in several places, for several years”.

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In its response to the biographer, the filmmaker added that the alleged victim was mistaken as “the date from which the abuse has ceased”. James Safechuck “expresses clearly in the documentary that the sexual contact with Jackson continued in his teenage years…”, says Dan Reed, who has multiplied the answers on the social network, including to questions or assertions of many internet users. To the point of making his argument confusing.

There had to be more to convince Mike Smallcombe. The biographer considers that the attempts of justification by the director are not convaincaintes and lack of consistency. According to the testimony of James Safechuck, sexual relations between him and Michael Jackson would have ended in 1992 when he was 14 years old and not after as stated by Dan Reed, ” he stressed. “The right thing to do is to admit this lie,” advises Mike Smallcombe who wants to discredit the film as a whole. If this part of his story is false, the rest of his accusations can be just as much, ” he says in substance.

however, It is unlikely that the whole truth be made before the new trial is expected this summer. Six years after a first pass to the tribunal against the singer, Wade Robson and James Safechuck return to the charge in suing the companies managed by the estate of Michael Jackson. They accuse their own employees, including personal assistants of the king of pop, having been used as matchmaker between the families of the little boys and the translator of Thriller . The judgment could occur at the end of the summer, later this fall, according to the lawyers of the plaintiffs.