Leonardo da Vinci was endowed with not one, but two divine hands. A month before its 500th anniversary, the most enigmatic of the artists reveals one of his secrets. A study of two writings located on the Paesaggio , the first known drawing by the Renaissance master, has confirmed that he was able to write perfectly, using both his left hand and his right hand.

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“This is a true revolution in the field of studies on Leonardo da Vinci,” said the director of the Uffizi gallery of Florence, Eike Schmidt. The analyses in science and technology have also revealed a sketch of the landscape, previously unknown, hidden in the back of the work.

new clues about its technical drawings

“Leonardo is born left-handed, but he has learned to write with the right hand at a young age – ”

Cecilia Frosinini

Dated August 5, 1473 – while Leonardo da Vinci was 21 years old – the design depicts a landscape of the Arno valley and the castle of Montelupo, near Florence. Nicknamed “8P” after its inventory number, the book has written informing the date and the nature of the contract.

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“Leonard is born left-handed, but he learned to write with the right hand at a young age,” said the art historian Cecilia Frosinini. “Looking at his writings, including those of this drawing, we can see that his calligraphy to the right is of very good quality.” By using the infrared light, the experts have also revealed that another landscape representing a river crossed by a bridge had been drawn back. “The elements that have emerged in the course of this research open up new perspectives on the interpretation of “8P” of Vinci and on the way in which the artist represents the landscape, on his technique and even his habits and his writing skills,” said Eike Schmidt.

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of the painter, many events are organized in France. Masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci, the famous Mona Lisa decorated until the end of the month of October, the grand escalier Denis Papin of Blois.