New coup de theatre at the Gallagher. The two ex-members of the group Oasis, Liam and Noel, do not end up in battle since their separation in 2009. The object of their latest dispute, the documentary As it was, , which recounts the career of Liam, the youngest of the brothers, the end of the group to his debut solo.

A project that causes the wrath of Noel. He threatens his younger brother to sue if the slightest historical image of the group is used in the film. For proof, this tweet furious Liam posted on Monday, in which he does not hesitate to insult this brother enemy: “I have come to learn that I risk to be sued by this little guy not so powerful and his goons in Ignition [ company manager of Noel, editor’s NOTE ] if I use for As it was of videos in which I sing the titles of Oasis.”

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A documentary on Liam Gallagher planned for 2019?

For the moment, no release date has been set for the documentary, but in February, Liam Gallagher announced on Twitter that As it was was completed. “I just saw the movie and it is brilliant, well done to all those who have contributed to it”, he then rejoiced.

Fights, disputes, cancellations of concerts… Since the group’s inception, the interpreters of Wonderwall live in relationships. The altercations between the United are now as famous as their larger tubes. And put in danger on many occasions for the survival of the Oasis, until the final separation in 2009. On 28 August, while the group of rock should occur at the festival Rock en Seine, organisers will announce the sad news to the fans who came to attend the concert: Noel Gallagher, after yet another argument with his brother and an explosion of guitar, has left Oasis.

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“I simply can’t work one more day with Liam”

Since then, Gallagher has traced their route, on their respective sides. While continuing to run each other of the spades interposed in the media and on social networks. In 2016, a documentary about the beginnings of the group, which tells the childhood of two brothers up to the Oasismania, had aroused tensions. Present at the premiere of the movie, Liam Gallagher had down his brother, who had not wanted to come. “It will not be there tonight. It is in one of his very, very large houses. Without a doubt, in the process of eating tofu and make a fucking peeling. Is not this, the man of the people?”, had he thrown to a reporter of Sky News . On Twitter, the singer of Oasis shows also mocking. Regularly, this post has pictures of his brother with the caption “potato”.

Despite his sarcasm, the younger of the Gallagher has repeatedly attempted to reconnect with his older brother to re-form the group. In vain. Because Noel did not budge: he did not play more with his little brother. “I simply can’t work one more day with Liam,” he said.

After the separation of Oasis, Noel Gallagher has continued his career as a singer with a debut album The Dreams we have as children , before founding his own band, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. For his part, Liam Gallagher has also launched into the solo adventure. His second album, currently in preparation, should come out in the course of the year.

A reconciliation between the two brothers is not to be expected. We simply wish to Gallagher to apply the precept of their song Don t look back in anger [ Do you not return to the past with anger, editor’s note ]…