Jean-Claude Brisseau is dead, without sound or fury Saturday, may 11, at the age of 74 years. According to his entourage, the French film-maker died from a long illness in a hospital in paris. He was the director, including Of sound and fury, was released in 1988, Wedding in white in 1989, or Anges exterminateurs in 2006. His latest film, the devil takes us , was published in January 2018.

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Before making films, Jean-Claude Brisseau is spent through the education box. In the 1970s, he is a professor of French at a secondary school in Seine-Saint-Denis and directed a few films in parallel. He is spotted by Eric Rohmer with his second creation, The Crossroads . The filmmaker of the New Wave of using to get a financial support of the INA and launches his career.

At the end of the 1980s, Jean-Claude Brisseau produced his two best-known films. sound and fury in 1988 and depicts the violent reality of the suburbs. The film won the special award of the youth at the Cannes film Festival. The director goes on with Wedding in white . It offers Vanessa Paradis her first film role, in what remains the greatest popular success of Jean-Claude Brisseau, with over 1.8 million spectators.

A figure disputed

In 2005, Jean-Claude Brisseau was sentenced to one year of imprisonment and 15,000 euros in damages for sexual harassment on two actresses during auditions secret Things , carried out in 2002. All in all, a twenty actresses testify to the methods of the director on the sets. The justice believed that “the trials erotic taxed to the actresses did not only effect is to reassure Jean-Claude Brisseau on their ability to hold satisfactorily the role to which he said to use, but also to satisfy the sexual impulses of the director.”

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From his experience, he pulls the film semi-autobiographical The Angels exterminateurs , which he accomplishes in the pending trial. Rare personality of the French cinema, sentenced for sexual violence prior to the case of Weinstein, Jean-Claude Brisseau rest from a figure highly disputed. The movement #metoo had caught up to 2017. The Cinematheque had chosen, face the wrath of feminist organisations, to cancel the retrospective that she had to devote to it, after the maintenance of that dedicated to Roman Polanski a few months earlier.

Rare tributes

So in the aftermath of her disappearance, few personalities have reacted to the news. Vanessa Paradis says in an interview in the World that “the shooting [of Wedding in white ] has been hard”. “Jean-Claude Brisseau was extremely particular, a complete actress. Very large, very authoritarian, with this deep voice. […] Maybe Brisseau also tried to go to the conflict to take me out of my comfort zone.”

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In 1994, the director had directed Sylvie Vartan in The black Angel , a thriller sulphur that he had written especially for her. The singer has declared to the AFP “very saddened by the news”, only keeping “good memories of our collaboration.” “It is an artistic experience that I’ll always keep as a wonderful memory, she added. I loved working with him.”

On Twitter, only Philippe Rouyer has dared to pay tribute to the director. The film critic said he was “shocked to learn of the death of Jean-Claude Brisseau, a great filmmaker who has dared the lyricism of the French cinema, to explore his quest for the absolute.”

the former president of The Cannes film Festival Gilles Jacob, the accustomed tributes to the great and great of French cinema, just a short tweet, listing the few films that highlights Jean-Claude Brisseau. “Death to the filmmaker Jean-Claude Brisseau. Last film: the devil takes us . He turned Vanessa Paradis for the 1st time in Wedding in white . It also leaves sound and fury “, a-t-he writes. In response to the tweet, the actress Will Atika wished to clarify that he had “also asked young actresses getting naked and/or fondle her in front of his camera for mater after”.