Living next door to your classes is something every student would want. Renting a university dorm can help you adjust to the independence of college life. Apart from making friends, lessons are easy to attend, and necessities are already provided inside the campus.

Not only that, it also gives you more independence and you get to grow and become responsible. Expect to do basic to important things such as household chores, your repairs, and pay the bills. Boston University (BU) provides convenient student accommodation at BU dorms.

Boston University Housing

There are about 76% of students currently living inside Boston University or the commonwealth avenue, which makes the school the 2nd largest private university in the United States. Accommodations are different types which include dormitory-style, large residences, and apartments.

Applying for on-campus housing has specific procedures to follow. It takes careful preparation, and first-year students or transferees needs to fill up the new student housing application online.

It is best to apply for a student housing application one semester early before your target start of classes. It takes a while for the campus residence coordinator to notify you about your application.

You can apply for your student housing application at BU dorms provided you have completed the following.

  • Residence License Agreement– You get to review the terms and conditions and sign the residence license agreement electronically.
  • Housing Preference Question– this is design guidelines and policy of campus residency, and the answers will be used to conduct room assignments.

Boston University Housing Prices

Boston accommodation prices vary widely from the type of spaces. The cost of a dormitory-style can range up to $20,360 for the whole academic year. The lowest-priced are apartment-styles with two or more students and costs $14,070. This provides much variation to students based on their budget as well as preference.

You can also consider the dining plan rate when having to plan for the overall expense. Choosing for a dining plan also has a variety of options. You can only decide to include lunch and dinner if that is what you prefer. The good thing about Boston University Housing is that all residence is included in the dining plan. You can choose from 6 options when planning for meals throughout the year.

  • 500 Apartment Plan / 1000 Apartment Plan– $1500/year. Inclusions: 96 meals, flexibility of what days you want your meals to be delivered.
  • 250 Plan / 330 Plan– $5480- /year. Inclusions: 250-330 meals with $630 – $1180 extra dining points allowance.
  • 14-Plus Plan– 2 meals per day and a handsome dining point of 400$- 500$ which you can use as actual cash throughout the university.
  • Unlimited Plan– $5,810/year. You will get unlimited visits and meals to any dining room at any time of the day.

Students living in Boston University have all the things needed to finish college. Some dorms have a fantastic view on top floors. Not only that, each of the dorms is well designed. The best part of living on campus is the warm community.