It bears the sweet name of Jeannine , is composed of 17 tracks and was partly written in Rome. The second album from Antoine Valentinelli, more known under the name of Lomepal, was released in December last year and came close a year in which the singer emerged in all media.

In this project, more than ever between rap and songs with text, the young man, 27-year-old described a life of imperfect affected by the disease. One of his grand-mother disappeared when he was a child and quoted from the first title : “My grand-mother was mad but she has given me her power.”

“, “Disease”, a term that I was totally, life is not black or white, we are all a little sick, we all have defects,” he explains. In this album that one can believe to have healing powers, Lomepal spits a ill-being and anguish. It is a book with an open heart and escape her inner demons in the title Beautiful insanity .

“My previous album, (Flip) was a reference to adolescence, to skate, to something childish, easy. For this one, I had to dig a lot more inside of me, moving towards the introspection, he is less selfish and more committed to my family, my grandmother, my mother, too…” His mother that he made to intervene between the titles with excerpts for discussion. “I love both albums, but the first was less intellectualized than the second. It has allowed me to gain perspective on the success and disillusionment too.” In 1 000°C, he addresses the excessiveness of a life devoted to the feast, when, in Do brings me not, he asserts: “I found my place one foot in the flames, another in the ice.” In X-Men in collaboration with John Jass, he focuses on his own faults, and describes the end of a love story is passionate and eventful in Too good.

Multiple collaborations

Side influences, Lomepal not prohibited nothing and does not deny his taste for a style of music in which one expects it least. “I never set limits in music. I have always listened to a lot of rock before and listen to a lot of rap. For example, I’m a fan of Julian Casablancas (The Strokes, The Voidz), who I would love to collaborate one day. It is also one of the reasons why I’m going to choose a “beat”, it reminded me of the rock.”

In Jeannine , he multiplies collaborations. Those logical: road companion for Nekfeu, it is also close to the rap scene belgian, as Romeo Elvis or Caballero and Jean Jass, with whom he signed two titles, or a title with Orelsan. Those that are less expected: as with Philippe Katerine, with which Lomepal offers a production, the aptly named Five fingers . “In reality I am closer to Philippe Katerine as Oreslan. I had a guest for a show on Skyrock, we got on well together, and I discovered that he knew my work.” Among his feats of arms recent, the revival of the song 3WW from the English band Alt-J and up There of the Empress. “It was the same potter, friends in common, and we met in festivals. I love their music.” For his 8th Zenith (but the first in Paris), Lomepal will propose a show concocted from of songs of two albums for which he will be surrounded by musicians (drums, guitar, and keyboard). “This is the one and only concert where all my relatives came to see me. An additional pressure, so. Surprises are to be expected, but I’m not even sure of anything…”

Lomepal, Zenith Paris-la Villette, 211, av Jean-Jaurès (Xix). Tel.: 01 42 08 60 00. Dates: 20 and 21 feb. 2019 to 20 h.-Seat: from 38,50 to 44 €.