mills, a castle, two abbeys, ruins, an amphitheatre, a bridge, a lighthouse, facades, an artist house or an old cooler… The Heritage Foundation, and the mission in Bern have tapped into the diversity of the French heritage to create the list of the first 18 emblematic monuments that will benefit primarily from the lottery heritage in 2019. These 18 sites, which were made public Sunday morning and whose picture will appear on the new tickets from scratch “heritage Mission”, will add a hundred others – whose names will be announced in June.

Like last year, the mission has attempted to achieve a geographical balance so that all jurisdictions benefit from the manna. Attention was brought to the overseas, with five locations, including one flagship in Saint-
Pierre-and-Miquelon or facades of a house in Saint-Pierre, Martinique. “Paint this city that has been engulfed by the eruption of mount Pelee, in 1902, will give him a …

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