It was not dragged. In the first round, Louis-Henri de La Rochefoucauld, has won the Prize Cazes-Brasserie Lipp, which was celebrating its 84th edition. The jury, chaired by Joël Schmidt and moderated by Claude Guittard, secretary-general and the director of the brewery, praised The prophecy of John Lennon (Editions Stock). The author sets the scene “a young modern man, an artist, a mystic, a sort of cross-armed with a synthesizer,” which is found fifty years after the prophecy of Lennon, in an interview in march of 1966: “today, we’re more popular than Jesus. I don’t know which will disappear first, rock and roll or christianity.”

“The Prophecy of John Lennon” , Prize Cazes-Brasserie Lipp. Stock

Fifty years later, therefore, Louis-Henri de La Rochefoucaud writing this novel, between narrative falsely initiatory and reportage in the music world. The author is himself a music critic for the magazine Technikart , and the literary magazine Read . The novelist has already published The French Revolution (Gallimard, 2013) and The Club old boys (Stock, 2017).

In the final selection included Venus Khoury Gatha, Marina Tsvétaïéva , Die Elabouga (Mercury), François Taillandier, François, Roman (Stock), Gabriella Zalapi, Antonia, Journal 1965-1966 (Zoe), Joseph Ponthus, To the line (The Round Table, he was awarded the prix RTL-Lire), Vanessa Bamberger, Alto Braco (Liana Levi) and Olivia Resenterra, N écrologie of the cat (Serge Safran).

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Louis-Henri de la Rochefoucaud joined an impressive list of winners, this award was created in 1935 by the former owner, Marcellin Cazes, has distinguished himself, among others, Gilles Lapouge, Kléber Haedens, Jean-Louis Curtis, Marcel Schneider, Jean-Paul Aron, Eric Neuhoff…

The winner has told an anecdote tasty: when the publication of his first novel, his publisher advised him to go to the brewery, which just distinguish it: “You become a real writer when you go to Lipp,” he had said. He will be able to get there often, the famous prize is endowed with 4000 €. And the doors are open.

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