Lukashenko: Privatization is when the money will be in pockets in Russia

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko commented on the proposal about the sale of state enterprises to obtain funds, which then can be directed to the reform. He said this while at the Minsk tractor plant.

“sounds good… It means that the state that we have, including this plant (the state), tomorrow you sell and the money will be spent on some reforms. I think (I’m not the first President): probably sell, but the money will not go to reform. We have seen in Russia. The money will be in pockets, to be sure,” — said Lukashenko.

however, he stressed that only against the “rampant privatization”, but not the sale of state ownership in principle. “But first tell me how much you pay. And I think it worthwhile and do I need to sell this company,” — said Lukashenko.

the Belarusian President confessed that he remembers the advice of his mother, who taught him that “a stranger to not touch it.” Not “just” to sell what was created by previous generations, he said.

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