What a phenomenon! A physical Fernandel and Buster Keaton, tied on a slender body, constantly on the watch. Energy steel mixed with a flexibility of marshmallow, face in the blade of a knife. “I was born in the cheese”, setting out with a focus that lags a little. Hear in a little valley in the German speaking part of Switzerland, with a population of 600 inhabitants. Mother belonging to a lineage of cheese, father writing instructions for machines, and stuffing the closets of the house with projects, inventions, various, arranged in colored shirts. Martin Zimmermann assures us: “This show, Eins, Zwei Drei , I do not play, as it was already the case for Chouf Ouchouf. I put it in the scene. This allows me to analyze and I dictated my coming out clown.

Since I left childhood, I don’t dare to use this word, I found it cheesy, I would prefer describing myself as a contemporary dancer, or to define me as an artist of the theatre of objects, ” he said. Now, I …

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