Martine à la mer , Martine in the plane , at the circus… 27 original illustrations of the adventures of the young Martine, and heroine of the series of illustrated books, will be auctioned on the 27th of April in Paris. In addition to original drawings in gouache, drawings having been made to illustrate the album covers will also be put up for auction, for a price estimated to be between 4000 and 7000 euros each.

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“Martine à la mer”, the third volume of the adventures of the young child was published in 1955. Marcel Marlier, Martine à la mer, Artcurial

Born in 1954, of the imagination of the belgian author Gilbert Delahaye and illustrated by Marcel Marlier, the famous little girl of ten years has been the subject of seventy albums, sold over 100 million copies in 35 languages. The first adventure, Martine at the farm sang of the joys of rural life for the post-war generation, while the sixtieth and last album released in 2010, Martine and the prince mysterious , would evolve to Venice during the carnival. Absent from the first pane, his dog, a dachshund with long hair answering to the name of Patapouf, the join later.

Still very popular, the adventures of Martine still seem to be in over a dozen languages. Marcel Marlier, Martine monte à cheval, Artcurial

Martine, a popular name in the 1950s in France, had a change of identity, depending on the country. She called Debbie in the United States, and Martina, in Italy, where it had again become popular in recent years after a period of eclipse. The talent of Marcel Marlier was also good to speak with lightness, and seriousness to his very public and very young, as to represent the euphoria of the post-war period.

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the One that Marlier described as ” a kid “that is not wise, but trying to get it” still has beautiful days in front of her: in 2007, the French enthusiasts of the series had even hijacked the illustrations for the rename with a sense of humor. Today, the adventures of the irrepressible little girl still seem to be in over a dozen languages. The works offered for sale will be to discover in preview in the premises of the gallery Artcurial, from 27 to 30 march in Brussels and from 24 to 26 April in Paris.