Media: Airlines allowed to fill the cabin completely after the restriction of 50%

CPS has refused demands from airlines to comply with the limit of 50% loading of the aircraft. About it reports “Kommersant”.

the Agency told the publication that the recommendations prepared by the Federal air transport Agency, “there are no requirements for filling (of the aircraft), 50%”.

According to the newspaper, the Ministry of transport and Rosaviation did not support the requirement to limit the occupancy of the cabin.

Previously, the CPS published its recommendations, which prescribed that in the conditions of the coronavirus to the air, water and motor transport will meet the following requirements: mandatory temperature control, provision of masks, gloves, antiseptics, respect for social distance, disinfection equipment.

“the sale of tickets should be guided by the principle of social distancing when filling the cabin. The number of passengers transported on the aircraft should not exceed 50% of the total number of seats, as well as during the check — exception of Seating passengers on the seats, located in close proximity to one another, including on one row ahead and one row behind seats”, — noted in the message.

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