Media: Coronavirus could cause psychosis in fell from the window of the hospital Lieutenant Colonel of the interior Ministry

Reporters found out the details of the death in a Moscow hospital infected with coronavirus Lieutenant Colonel of the interior Ministry, which with injuries was found under the window GKB № 24.

As reported by “MK”, ailing was hospitalized on 22 may, and 26 may her family began to receive strange messages on messenger. According to them, the medications that treated the employee ekspertno-the criminalistic center, gave complications in the psyche.

the Publication notes that scientists have previously warned about the impact on the brain of coronavirus — infected appeared psychoses.

Fallen from the window of the hospital 45-year-old Lieutenant Colonel and criminologist, died at midnight in the ICU.

According to “MK”, the husband of the deceased, a retired interior Ministry, intends to file with the court a claim.

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