Media: Coronavirus is spreading faster in Russia and other countries under the leadership of

The rapid pace of the incidence of coronavirus infection observed in Brazil, Russia, UK and USA. The New York Times sees this as a trend — after all, the four powers led by “radical illiberal populist right-wing”.

a White leader male, positioning itself as a conduit “antiemeticescoy policy”, a “fighter against establishment” — here are the common features Jaira Bolsonaro, Vladimir Putin, Boris Johnson and Donald trump, said in the article. In citing such estimates, the journalists refer to one of the authors of the book “death of democracy” Harvard Professor Daniel Ziblatt contributing unites these otherwise different other politicians.

co-author Ziblatt Steven Levitsky adds that illiberal populists often “ignore the scientists and promote conspiracy theories”, in this case, regarding the coronavirus. However, the “common sense”, which are guided by the political leaders of this type “does not work against COVID-19”, emphasizes the expert.

Note that Boris Johnson himself has been exposed to coronavirus. His condition was so serious that it took the intensive care unit.

Earlier it was reported that in days in Russia to patients COVID added another 8 thousand people. Only a pandemic in Russia found 423 thousand 741 the case of the coronaviruses, more than 5 thousand patients died.

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