Media: If Lukashenko overthrown, he will flee to Russia

surrounded by the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko in the Kremlin to discuss various scenarios of events. Among the most popular — Lukashenko could be ousted or it will severely suppress the protests and stay in power for some more time, reports Bloomberg, citing its sources.

the news Agency reported that allegedly in the Kremlin admit the possibility of flight Lukashenko in Russia in the case of “overthrow”.

According to Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on foreign and defense policy of Russia Fyodor Lukyanov, “nobody’s sure about the future of Lukashenka”, reports RBC. “Moscow “has perenasytil” Lukashenko, however, would prefer to leave it in place, because any alternative leader is likely to seek closer ties with the West,” — said the expert.

“Lukashenko is no longer in control of Belarus, he controls the security forces, but will they remain loyal?”, — asks the political analyst Gleb Pavlovsky, who is also quoted by the media.

Recall that in Belarus for nearly a week, held mass protests, they are accompanied hard by arrests, beatings of protesters and attacks by security forces on passersby and cars. Injured several hundred people, there are victims. The protests began after the announcement of results of elections of the President of Belarus, which took place on 9 August. According to official data of the CEC, the elections were won by Alexander Lukashenko: it is the election Commission has counted more than 80%, and his rival from the opposition Svetlana Tikhanovski — only 10%. However, witnesses and observers reported fraud in the areas. She Tikhanovski said that scored at least 70%, and the results of voting are forged. The day after the election, she left Belarus and now is in Lithuania.