Media: In the U.S. thinking about nuclear test explosion over Russia and China

In the US administration may 15, discussed the possible implementation of the first since 1992 nuclear testing. This was reported by the Washington Post, citing sources.

It was on test explosion in connection with the information that Russia and China reportedly conducted a nuclear test of low power. According to supporters of the trials, trials in the United States will contribute to the negotiation of a new Treaty on reducing strategic offensive arms (start) and help to bring them to China.

Another source said that in the end the view prevailed that in response to threats from Russia and China should resort to other measures and to refrain from resumption of tests.

the publication says that the test, if conducted, “would have far-reaching consequences for relations with other nuclear powers and to cancel a ten-year moratorium on such action”.

the start-3 Treaty expires on 5 February 2021. Russia has repeatedly proposed different options for the extension of the agreement, the US will support a connection to the arrangements of China.

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