Media: Khodorkovsky saw the end of the

Russia plunged into a “crisis of ideas”, people begin to understand that “the current government does not lead,” and the lack of vision of the future brings the “end of the era of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.” So says Russian opposition activist Mikhail Khodorkovsky, it publishes an interview with Le Figaro.

“Over the past 20 Putin managed to create the impression that there is a hierarchy of power. <...> In reality we know that in complex societies such vertical model can not exist”, — said Khodorkovsky and added that “the Kremlin has recently dealt with issues of wealth distribution and elections.” And in the crisis Covid, when the President “all shifted to regional governors, who were not ready to become a regional crisis centres and was weakened, it became clear that Putin’s vertical of power is a myth”, said Khodorkovsky.

He also called on the opposition of the Russian Federation “to return, to participate actively” as “Putin’s power will not last forever.” It is only necessary to come to a national consensus on the choice of direction, he added. He noted that the West needs to engage in tactical negotiations to support Russia in the “European cultural paradigm.” “If Europe manages to keep the Russian cultural paradigm in the European format, then the relationship will develop after Putin”, — summed Khodorkovsky stressed that, in his opinion, Russia is part of Euro-Atlantic civilization.

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