Media: Pentagon increases the number of national guard employees in the Metropolitan area because of the riots

the US Department of defense decided to increase the number of staff of the national guard in the capital district of Columbia in connection with the riots because of the death of an African-American George Floyd, Reuters reports citing a senior Pentagon spokesman.

According to the source, military police and engineering units, in turn, are waiting for orders on high alert in the region, however, the official expressed hope that their participation is not required.

in addition, it is reported that Washington will be sent to reinforce the troops of the national guard of five States. The Minister of defense and the attorney General of the United States will monitor the situation from the building of the Ministry of justice.

At the same time, American media reported that in Central Washington again, clashes of protesters with police near the White house. Demonstrators throw bottles at the police cordon, the police used tear gas and stun grenades to push the protesters from the White house.

it is Also reported that the capital was transferred from the military base at Fort Bragg in North Carolina that will ensure the safety of city residents, however, will not be able to participate in the detention of violators of the order.

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