Media: Student at Kursk died from peritonitis after refusing hospitalization

In Kursk brigade “ambulance” refused to take to the hospital 21-year-old Vladislav Minakov. As told the publication “Podem” his friend Sergei, a young man appealed to the regional clinical hospital on may 23 with complaints of abdominal pain.

In the hospital he was examined by the doctor on call did an ultrasound and prescribed medication. However, the treatment did not help, and a few days later Vladislav called an ambulance.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, may 27, the young man became worse, and he again called the ambulance. “When she came, saw that he was prescribed by a doctor. And told to stay home to take drugs. On the same day he died. It strongly tore, he died in his bathroom,” — said Sergey. — As told by a friend that he had with him, he was asked to write refusal of hospitalization. We will submit to the court. He is an orphan, buried his friends.” As noted, Vladislav studied at Kursk state Polytechnic College. Publication “Second” clarifies that the cause of death was peritonitis. In Kursk regional administration have informed that militiamen carry out an inspection “upon the sudden death of a young man born in 1999,” writes the media.

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