Media: the Journalist from Krasnoyarsk is threatened with murder after repost in social networks

the Chief editor of Krasnoyarsk television company “TVK” Maria Bukhtueva informed about threats to your address after made a repost of his interview in “Novaya Gazeta”.

According to RIA Novosti, in her personal message came aggressive comment with insults and threats of physical violence, and mention of “armature Kashin.”

Bukhtueva reminded that the Prosecutor General’s office in the last time there was a complaint to rabale its media in terms of coverage of the situation with coronavirus. This is what she said in an interview.

the Reporter has no clue who could leave such a comment, but bind him to his professional activities.

“I Believe that the threat comes on the basis of my professional work, no wonder there was mentioned a well-known journalist Kashin and the tragedy that happened to him,” said Bukhtueva, adding that this is the second threat for the last two weeks.

the police recorded the statement of the editor, and have begun verification of this information under article 119 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Threat by murder or causing of heavy harm to health”).

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