Media: the Participants of the ceremony of awarding the distinction of

on 12 June, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Poklonnaya hill in the Day of Russia, handed over medals and certificates of Hero of labour of the several outstanding Russians, with some of the bidders before it was forced to be quarantined. About it reports “Kommersant”.

“Everyone involved in the procedure, told me by an informed source in the presidential administration, mandatory tested for coronavirus (and some, according to “Kommersant”,12 days before the meeting is held in complete quarantine)”, the report States.

According to the newspaper, the winners approached the President, he shook their hands, some even hugged him.

“Only (President of the research Institute of emergency children’s surgery and traumatology), Leonid Roshal and the whole ceremony in the air stayed in the mask and gloves, and when it came to the President, prudently offered him her elbow, not the arm, not removing the mask and gloves,” — noted in the text.

Among other prominent Russians at the meeting was the artistic Director of the Maly theatre Yuri Solomin.

According to the site stopmanager.Russia, in the Russian Federation revealed 528 964 thousand cases of coronavirus, 6 thousand 948 people died, 50 thousand 280 recovered.

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